How to apply for a visa to the Syrian Arab Republic: 

1- Fill out one of the following visa application forms, print out and submit the application in addition to the required documents.

     English             Arabic

Submit the following documents:

     - visa form application

    - A copy of the valid passport (The passport should have at least  6 months of validity when travelling).

Then sent  visa application  electronically or by regular mail to any embassy or consulate.



2- After receiving the approval, the embassy informs the applicant of the decision to grant the visa.
3- The visa can be obtained and the required fees can be paid by visiting the embassy or at the border points



- Visa processing time may take up to 60 days.


- The form must be downloaded to your device and you must have a Windows 10 operating system +  PDF reader program +  printer to print it and then go to the embassy / consulate of the Syrian Arab Republic in your country of residence.